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WanZai linen inheritance of China's millennium charm

Outside the east gate, can be used as retting linen pond

Beautiful and kind girl, can sing opposite her

Outside the east gate, can be used as retting ramie pond

Beautiful and kind girl, can talk with her


In the green hills and clear waters of a thousand years ago

Girls and boys in the moat

Soak, wash and bleach linen together

Playing, chasing and laughing

In the old agricultural society of intensive farming

A vast expanse of pure linen

Time went by slowly in weaving linen

Every piece of cloth reflects the hard work of the workers.

Early in the Chunqiu Period

Linen began to grow in Jiangxi

According to the New Book of Tang

Jiangxi has long had a history with linen fabric

Commonly known as "Chicken Ming Cloth"

Also called "flat yarn" and "raw cloth"

Tracing back to the East Jin Dynasty

It has a history of more than 1600 years.

Light as cicada wings, thin as rice paper

Flat as a water mirror, fine as a silk

As early as the first year of the Tang Dynasty, it was listed as a tribute

Since ancient times, it has been sold and exported, home and abroad

Records of Wanzai County in Qing Dynasty

In the thirty-third year of Emperor Guangxu, the output reached 18,000 tons

There are more than 1,000 workshops in the county producing linen fabric.

The collective wisdom of the working people through generations

The production technology of linen fabric is becoming more mature

Today there are still handicraftsmen in Wanzai, Jiangxi Province

Art is the instrument and craftsman the way

Weaving hand-made linen cloth

Peeling and bleaching, with yarn fabrics soaking

Craftsmen will only be sincere

Integrate into long labour work that is only truthful

Expression of a peaceful ethos of an ancient kingdom

The linen fabric is an everlasting flower

It embodies the philosophy of the craftsmanship of a nation

Embroidery and painting on fine linen cloth

An encounter between two a thousand years apart

Elegant matching color , light hue and the dyed halo

If blue and white the main embroidery chosen

A thousand-year history of the porcelain capital shown

Bringing to this day and age the old exquisite craftsmanship

Revealed fully and vividly

Enriching the flavor of this nation olden

Wanzai linen cloth weaving spans ten thousand generations

Seemingly rough, but soft to the touch

Seemingly old and simple, but calm as the wind ad never crinkles

Stitch by stitch, needle after needle

Thousands of years of ingenuity in the craftsmen's hands